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Crystal Kay

Crystal Kay Williams, simply known as Crystal Kay, is a Japanese singer, songwriter and actress. She is signed to Universal Music Japan's sublabel Delicious Deli Records and, since 2014, managed by LDH JAPAN.

Born and raised in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan to an African-American father and a Korean mother, Crystal Kay started her music career at the age of six. At 12 she got a record deal, and then teamed up with Kanno Yoko to produce her debut single "Eternal Memories", under EPIC Records, sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Like a number of Japanese artists, Kay can speak both English and Japanese, the former making a regular appearance in her songs, exhibiting a distinctly western influenced R&B sound.



Crystal Kay began her career at just six years old, debuting as a jingle singer for several CMs. In 1999 at just 12 years old Kay got a record deal with EPIC Records, a sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. She then teamed up with the composer Kanno Yoko to produce her debut single, "Eternal Memories". The single peeked at #47 on the Oricon weekly charts. Before the end of 1999 Kay released two more singles, "TEENAGE UNIVERSE ~Chewing Gum Baby" and "Komichi no Hana", with the former charting the same position as her debut single and the latter charting significantly less, reaching #80.

On March 23rd, 2000 at the age of 14, Kay's debut album C.L.L. CRYSTAL LOVER LIGHT was released. It reflected a more R&B and acoustic side of her, as later albums would gear towards the pop and urban genres. This album reached #60 on the charts and manged to chart for four weeks, selling 19,930 copies. Kay also released her fourth single "Shadows of Desire" simultaneously with the album. "Shadows of Desire" was her first A-side single to be sung entirely in English and is Kay's only single to date not to chart.

Inactive for the rest of the year, Kay made her comeback in 2001 collaborating with Osawa Shinichi and Fujiwara Hiroshi to release the single "LOST CHILD", which was the theme song for the film Satorare. In that same year Kay underwent an image and genre change to an urban style and released her fifth single "Girl's Night" which would be her first single produced by T.Kura and michico. The titular track was used as the theme song for the TV TOKYO music program JAPAN COUNTDOWN and reached #100 on the Oricon weekly charts while only charting for one week.

Crystal's sixth single "Ex-Boyfriend" featured Hip-Hop artist VERBAL of the group m-flo. At the time of its release the single was a minor success for Kay peaking at number #44 on the charts and charting for five weeks. Kay's second album 637 -always and forever- was released August 22nd, 2001. The songs on the album featured her new venture into the urban and pop markets. The album reached a position three times higher than her debut album C.L.L. CRYSTAL LOVER LIGHT, reaching #19 on the Oricon weekly charts and charting for a total of eight weeks, selling 48,550 copies. Kay's seventh single "think of U" was a Christmas themed single and was her final release of 2001.


Establishing herself as an urban artist Kay released her eighth single "hard to say", which featured SORA3000 and SPHERE of INFLUENCE. For the single Kay enlisted ☆TAKU of m-flo to produce. The single debuted at #26 on the Oricon weekly charts and became Kay's first single to chart in the top thirty.

Crystal's next single "Girl U Love" would chart poorly, reaching only #156 with her third album almost seventeen subsequently following its release. However, the album reached #2 in Oricon weekly charts and charted for 58 weeks. It sold 51,360 in its first week and 213,023 total copies in 2003 to become the 62nd best selling album of that year.

Crystal began 2003 with the her tenth single "Boyfriend -partⅡ-" which peeked at #23 on the charts. For Kay's eleventh single she teamed up with m-flo again to release "I LIKE IT" which was credited as "Crystal Kay loves m-flo". The single was meant to go hand-in-hand with m-flo's 14th single "REEEWIND!", which was credited to "m-flo loves Crystal Kay". The single was Kay's first release in the top ten, reaching #8 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for thirteen weeks.

Crystal released two more singles in 2003: "Candy", a single written and produced by YOSHIKA, and "Can't be Stopped". They were followed by her fourth studio album 4 REAL. The album reached #5 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 25 weeks. It sold 246,306 copies in 2004 and become the 59th best selling album of that year. Towards the end of 2003 Kay released her first fully English album NATURAL -World Premiere Album-. The album featured English versions of previously released singles and several cover songs from artists like Amel Larrieux and Cindy Lauper. In Japan, the album reached #33 on the Oricon charts and charted for eight weeks. Although imported versions were made available of the album, it was never officially released internationally.

In 2004 Kay released her fourteenth single "Motherland". The titular track was used as the third ending theme song for the anime series FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (episodes 26 to 41). Following the single, Kay released her first best album CK5. The title of the album was homage to the five years since her debut.

Crystal's fifteenth single "Bye My Darling!" reached #40 on the charts and would her final release of 2004. Though before the end of 2004, Kay graduated from Kinnick High School and enrolled in Sophia University, ironically the same college fellow singer Arashiro Beni was attending at the time. The two reportedly became good friends, though they have known each other since their time together at the American School in Yokohama as teens.

In 2005 Kay released her sixteenth single "Kiss". The single is her second best selling single. After "Kiss" Kay released her fifth studio album Crystal Style, which later reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 31 weeks. It ended up selling 296,756 copies in 2005 and became the #44 best selling album of that year. The single "Koi ni Ochitara" would be Kay's next release. It too reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts but charted for 37 weeks. It is currently the best selling single of her career, selling 73,717 copies in it's first week and 295,456 copies to date. The titular track was used as the theme song for the Japanese drama Koi ni Ochitara. In October of 2005 Kay collaborated with the pop duo CHEMISTRY to produce her eighteenth single "Two As One". It was another single to reach the #2 position on the Oricon weekly charts. It charted for 14 weeks and the titular track was used for a theme song for the Toyota WISH CMs.

In 2006 Kay released her nineteenth single "Kirakuni / Together", her second A-side to be sung in English. It debuted at #27 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for five weeks. "Together" was used as the theme song for the Japanese airing of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Kay's final release of 2006 was her sixth album Call Me Miss..., which reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for five weeks. As the album sold 250,698 copies in 2006 it became the #50 best selling album of that year.


In January 2007 she made a comeback with the single "Kitto Eien ni", it peaked at #12 on the Oricon Charts with a total of 19,615 copies sold. Only a month later she released her 21st single "Konna ni Chikaku de...", the title track was used as ending theme for the anime Nodame Cantabile. "Anata no Soba de", her last single before dropping her 7th studio album, was released in May 2007. It sold less than 10,000 copies in total. Finally a month after the release of the single Crystal Kay released the album ALL YOURS, in it's first week it sold 51,211 copies and managed to grab the #1 spot in the Oricon charts. In end of 2007 it placed #87 in the year-end charts.

Almost a year after the release of her last album, in June 2008, she released her 23rd single titled "Namida no Saki ni", it peaked at #42. Her next single "ONE", used as the theme song for the 11th Pokémon movie, was released on 16th July, sold 6,522 copies and reached #32. After releasing these two singles Crystal Kay announced the release of her 8th studio album titled Color Change!, it sold in it's first week a total of 15,519 copies and peaked at #8.

In August 2009, Crystal Kay released her second double a-side single, "After Love -First Boyfriend- feat. KANAME (CHEMISTRY) / Girlfriend feat. BoA", both title tracks featured another artists. "After Love -First Boyfriend-" featured Kawabata Kaname from the duo CHEMISTRY and "Girlfriend" was sung together with her close friend BoA. It was her last single released before her second compilation album titled BEST of CRYSTAL KAY, which included over thirty tracks from her discography. The album included a new song, titled "Step by Step", which was produced by Nakata Yasutaka, known for working with Perfume and MEG.

In November 2010 she released her second mini-album FLASH. Later she announced the release of her 26th single "Journey ~Kimi to Futari de~" on November 24, 2010 followed by her 9th album Spin The Music on December 8.


Crystal Kay's Spin the Music tour was planned to have nine shows across Japan starting February 5 and ending March 29. Her tour was cancelled after she went to the hospital complaining of sickness and was diagnosed with Acute Nephritis.[1] Crystal Kay was advised not to go on with the tour in order to rest and recover from her illness. Her record label offered refunds through the tour's website. Crystal Kay later performed at the August 2011 MTV Zushi Fes music festival.

On April 29, 2011, Crystal Kay held a Q&A on her blog and answered her fans' questions, with one question regarding a possible Korean debut. Considering her mother is of Korean ancestry, she has stated: "I can speak just a teeny bit of Korean (lol). My reading and writing are perfect, but learning vocabulary is sooo hard! It's no good that I don't do listening or speaking. I'll think about a Korean debut! I'd like to be able to sing in Korean."[2]

On October 5, 2011, Universal Music Japan's subsidiary label Delicious Deli Records posted an announcement that after twelve years Crystal Kay had left Sony Music Japan and signed to them.[3]

In 2012, Crystal Kay recorded a cover of "Eyes on Me" for the FINAL FANTASY Orchestra Album, becoming the latest in a series of notable artists to cover the song, including Angela Aki, MayBee and Kanon.


In 2013, the singer participated in DANCE EARTH PARTY's debut single "Inochi no Rhythm", part of DANCE EARTH's project DANCE EARTH ~Seimei no Kodo~. In March of the same year, she moved to New York, United States, in order to start her international career.

On February 14, 2014 she released her US debut video for the song "Busy Doing Nothing" via MTV Iggy.

On July 1, 2014, she celebrated her 15th debut anniversary. In November of the same year, the singer announced that she moved her management to LDH.

In January 2015, the singer returned to Japan after a final acoustic concert in New York. Looking back at the time she lived in the United States, she described the experience as a turning point in her life: "It was the first time I lived alone in New York and the first time I lived abroad. I went there because I wanted to try my hand at music, and although it didn't lead to my debut in the end, I think I learned a lot there and was able to plant some seeds. Anyway, it was a journey to face myself and become stronger. Going to New York was the first time I was able to face my identity crisis, which I had been dealing with since I was a child. I think it was a good thing that I was able to think, 'I should have more confidence in my identity'. The other thing is that people in their late twenties have unique problems. Especially for women, it's the age when they have to worry about work, marriage, and childbirth."[4] In terms of music, she succeeded in refining her skills despite not being able to make her international debut: "My goal was to get a record deal there, but I thought it would be better to actually live there, join the local community, and get to know the producers, so I decided to take the plunge. But it was difficult because I didn't have any connections. I went into the studio every day and wrote over 60 songs, but I was an unknown singer over there. For two years, I went back and forth to Japan, meeting with producers, doing sessions, voice training, dancing, and so on."[5] Besides working on her musical career, she also went to acting classes and took an "overcoming anthropophobia course" in New York.[6]

On June 3, 2015, she released her first single under LDH's management, "Kimi ga Ita Kara", being also her first single after three years since the release of "Forever".


In 2019, she starred as "Leading Player" in the Japanese version of the Broadway musical Pippin, for which she was awarded by the 27th Yomiyuri Theater Awards as best actress.[7]

In spring 2020, Crystal Kay was supposed to play the role of "Motormouth Maybelle" in the Japanese version of the musical Hairspray.[8] However, the musical was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic in Japan.[9] In the same year, she launched the mental health support project "All FOUR ONE PROJECT" together with musicians whom she is close with in order to provide a place where people who are having difficulty living with the COVID-19 pandemic can talk about it in peace.[10] As for the origin of the project, she explained: "With the Corona disaster, I learned about the sad situation of the increasing number of suicides among women in their 20s to 40s. I thought that there are a lot of people who have something on their mind but can't talk about it with anyone. This is because in Japan, mental health care itself is considered taboo, or rather, it is still a bit closed off. I think the mentality of the Japanese people is to work hard until the very last minute, thinking that they shouldn't bother anyone.", "I thought it would be nice if there was a place where people who are having a hard time living in the present moment, people who are interested in mental health but don't know how to learn about it, and people who don't know much about mental health itself could participate in a safe environment."[10]

On April 21, 2021, she released her first cover album I SING, which celebrates the 20th anniversary since her debut. In the same month, she was appointed as the brand ambassador to celebrate the 75th anniversary of JBL.[11] Later that year, she participated in the first season of The Masked Singer Japan under the stage name "Miss Television" and finished the show as the runner-up.

On March 29, 2022, Crystal Kay will perform the national anthem and halftime show for the NBA match "Washington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls" together with the professional dance team RIZE Dancers at Capital One Arena, the home of the Washington Wizards, for an event called "JAPAN NIGHT". RIZE, a Japanese NBA tour planning and dance team production company, was approached by the Washington Wizards about "JAPAN NIGHT" and offered the event to Crystal Kay. Kay, who herself played on the basketball team in junior high and high school and actively performs at basketball events, including singing the national anthem at NBA games in Japan, decided to participate in this special event because of her passion for the NBA.[12][13][14]

Personal Life


In her life, Crystal Kay had been struggling with her identity and didn't want to stand out: "I was born and raised in Japan, but I don't have any Japanese blood in my veins (my father is American and my mother is Korean), so I had always had a complex." However, living in New York between 2013 and 2015 helped her accept her multi-ethnical identity: "I had this complex that made me shrink back. But when I talked about it in New York, people would say, 'What are you talking about? You're carrying three cultures on your shoulders, and you're building a good career in Japan, isn't that great? You should be more proud of yourself.' I thought, 'That's right'."[15][5] As for her future, she dreams of becoming a "bridge between countries": "It could be through music, a musical, or a movie. I'm also very interested in acting, so I want to be a bridge through entertainment in any genre."[15]


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Background Vocals
  • [2001.07.04] Hirai Ken - gaining through losing (#3 L'Amant)


  • [2008] Pokémon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior (as Chansey)
  • [2009] Yamagata Scream (as Cayce Chihiro Sebastian)
  • [2011] Happy Feet 2 (as Gloria)
  • [2013] Hikayat Hang Kway Teow (as Tan Tee Jah )
  • [2015] Seoul Searching (as Jamie)
  • [2019] The Earthquake Bird (as Nightclub singer)
  • [2010] Hidarime Tantei EYE (as Kokushou Akira)
  • [2016] Non-Mama Hakusho (as Guest at the bar)
  • [2013] DANCE EARTH ~Seimei no Kodo~ (as herself)
  • [2019, 2022] Pippin (as Leading Player)
  • [2020] Hairspray (as Motormouth Maybelle)
Digital Shows
  • [2020.02.22, 23] Disney on CLASSIC Premium "Beauty and the Beast" in Concert (as Mrs. Potts)[16]
  • [2021] The Masked Singer Japan (as Miss Television)
Music Video Appearances



  • Boys & Girls Night
  • Kiite Milk!! (きいてミルク!!)
  • [2006 - 2007] Hama LOVE (濱)
  • [2007 - 2008] THE UNIVERSE
  • [2008 - 2009] STANDBY OH! MY RADIO
  • [2008 - 2009] OH! MY RADIO


Band Scores

  • [2007.03.28] Piano Solo Crystal Kay


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  • Ethnicity: African-American father, Korean-Zainichi mother
  • Citizenship: Japanese
  • Has a close friendship with the singers BENI and BoA.
  • Western artists such as Mariah Carey, TLC, and Aaliyah were her biggest musical influences during her childhood.[4]
  • Holds regular acoustic concerts called "Crystal café".
  • Has a close friendship with Shirota Yu since 2009. He was also the one who asked her to join the musical Pippin.[18]
  • Is an only child.[5]
  • Started to write her own songs when she was in New York. This also influenced the style of music she wants to sing: "I feel like I have more freedom now."[5]
  • Started learning to play the acoustic guitar in summer 2015.[5]
  • Opened a personal YouTube channel with the theme of "singing" on January 24, 2022.


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