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E-girls was a Japanese girl group formed and managed by the agency LDH JAPAN, signed to the record label rhythm zone and part of the E.G.family. The group name stands for EXILE-girls.

Originally a project founded in April 2011 that united the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower, it became an independent group as part of the E.G.family on July 17, 2017.

The group disbanded on December 31, 2020.[1][2]


Former Members
  • from Dream
    • Shizuka (left July 17, 2017)
    • Aya (Leader, left July 17, 2017)
    • Ami (left July 17, 2017)
    • Sayaka (left March 31, 2012)
    • Erie (left December 31, 2016)



On April 24, 2011, the groups Dream, Happiness and FLOWER held a joint live event titled E-Girls SHOW. With the event, the establishment of the project E-Girls, a supergroup consisting of members from the groups at that time: Shizuka, Sayaka, Aya, Ami and Erie from Dream, SAYAKA, KAEDE, KAREN, MIYUU, MIMU, YURINO and MAYU from Happiness and Mizuno Erina, Fujii Shuuka, Nakajima Mio and Shigetome Manami from FLOWER, was revealed.

On July 26, it was announced that Washio Reina, Muto Chiharu, Ichiki Kyoka, Bando Nozomi and Sato Harumi were the winners of the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~ joining FLOWER and concurrently joining as members of E-Girls.

On November 2, it was announced that E-Girls would be making debut on December 28 with the single "Celebration!".[3]


On January 27, MIMU announced hiatus from both Happiness and E-Girls to focus on her studies.[4]

On March 7, Sayaka announced graduation from both Dream and E-Girls, graduating on March 31.[5]

On March 8, it was announced the group's second single "One Two Three", with release for April. With the announcement, a new E-Girls unit EGD (EXPG GIRLS DANCERS) was announced with two new performers Suda Anna and Kizu Reina joining the group.[6]

The second single, "One Two Three", was released on April 18.

Between May and July, it was announced that a new unit named bunny and a new EGD performer Ikuta Risa would be joining the group.

On July 20, a new song titled "Follow Me" was first introduced and used as theme song for Samantha Thavasa's Samantha Muse ALL STARS TV CM.

Prior to the release of their third single, the group consisted of a total of 31 active members. The increase in number led to a new system for the release of their next single in which the girls were required to undergo a period of training and afterwards, the girls who excelled and fit the image of the single would be chosen to participate.

In August, it was announced that the group would be releasing "Follow Me" as their third single on October 2. The single is the first using the member system and included 16 members on its lineup.

On August 23, MAYU was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis and went on a hiatus from the group and Happiness to receive treatment.[7]

On August 27, with the reveal of jacket covers and music video of "Follow Me", it was unveiled the bunny members.[8]

On October 25, MIMU announced graduation from Happiness and E-Girls to priorize her studies.[9]

Sometime in December, Hanayama Mizuki, Yamamoto Runa, Oishi Miyuu and Vats Mira were removed from bunny and returned to EXPG as trainees.

In December, it was announced that the group would be releasing their fourth single "THE NEVER ENDING STORY".

On December 19, the song "JUST IN LOVE" was released digitally.[10]


On January 12, with the unveil of the jacket covers of their fourth single "THE NEVER ENDING STORY", a new member of bunny, Kawamoto Ruri, was introduced.[11] Starting from this single, the group was renamed to E-girls.

On March 13, their fifth single, "CANDY SMILE", was released featuring 12 members on the song's line-up.

On April 17, the group released their first studio album, Lesson 1. It ranked at number 1 on Oricon's weekly albums chart, being the group's first #1 on the charts.

On May 27, Suda Anna and Kawamoto Ruri joined the group Happiness as performer and vocalist, respectively.[12] A few days later, Kizu Reina left E-girls.

On August 12, it was announced that they would be releasing their sixth single "Gomennasai no Kissing You" on October 3.[13] On September 2, with the reveal of jacket covers of the single, Nakajima Momoka was introduced as an EGD member.[14]

On October 18, followed by the announcement of the new single "Kurukuru",[15] Flower's Mizuno Erina left the groups to focus on her acting career.[16] A new EGD member was announced at the same day, Watanabe Marina.

On November 17, it was announced that the group would be holding their first tour around summer of 2014.[17]

On November 20, the group's seventh single "Kurukuru" was released.

On November 25, it was announced that E-girls would be participating for the first time at NHK's annual TV show Kouhaku Uta Gassen, held on December 31.[18]

Around the end of November, Aya was appointed by EXILE HIRO as the leader of E-girls.[19]


Ten members of the group, Shizuka, Kaede, Fujii Karen, Suda Anna, Fujii Shuuka, Bando Nozomi, Sato Harumi, Takeda Kyoka, Ishii Anna, and Yamaguchi Nonoka, starred in the drama Koibumi Biyori, based on a manga of same name. The opening theme song of the drama, "Diamond Only", was released as their eighth single on February 26.

On March 19, the group released their second album COLORFUL POP. The album ranked number 1 on Oricon's weekly albums chart.

On April 7, Sugieda Mayu graduated from both Happiness and E-girls.[20] Two weeks later, on April 20, Takeda Kyoka left the group to focus on her studies and acting career.[21]

On June 12, LDH announced that the group would be releasing three singles consecutively, one per month. The first single, "E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-", was released on July 9, and included all members and all vocalists singing. From this release, the members from bunny and EGD were mixed into one unit, simply titled as the name of the group, E-girls. The names bunny and EGD were also removed from their official website.

The second single, "Odoru Ponpokorin", was released on August 13, and included 14 members in the music video and jacket covers. The song was used as the opening theme song of the TV anime Chibi Maruko-chan.

The third single, "Highschool♡love", was released on September 10 and included all members on it. The song was used as the theme song for the Fuji TV's drama Great Teacher Onizuka.

On October 12, Muto Chiharu announced her graduation from both Flower and E-girls in order to study abroad. She graduated from E-girls on October 26 after the girls' segment of the EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR LIVE TOUR TOWER OF WISH 2014 ~THE REVOLUTION~.[22][23]


The group released their third album, E.G. TIME, on January 1, 2015.

On January 27, LDH announced a new system for the members line-up, called E-girls Pyramid. Following the same system introduced for "Follow Me", the girls undergo a series of reviews configured annually. The members who needed more training get classified as Rabbits (high school age or older) or Bunnies (junior high school age or younger). Members Takebe Yuzuna, Hagio Misato, Inagaki Rio, Ikuta Risa, Nakajima Momoka, and Watanabe Marina therefore returned to the training period at EXPG, reducing E-girls to 20 members.[24][25]

The group released their thirteenth single, "Anniversary!!", on May 20.

On September 30, they released their fourteenth single "Dance Dance Dance".

On October 7, Ichiki Kyoka graduated from both E-girls and Flower to follow different paths and to grow as a woman.[26] It was also announced that Erie retired from her position as a performer of the group but would still contribute to E-girls as a DJ.[27][28]

On December 15, it was announced on Shuukan EXILE that Takebe Yuzuna would be re-added to the E-girls line-up.[29][30]

The group released their 15th single "Merry×Merry Xmas★" on December 23.


On November 20, 2015, it announced on the E-girls website that they would be releasing their first best album E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST- on February 10 and the group's third tour E-girls LIVE TOUR 2016 "E.G. SMILE".

On April 23, the group announced the group's 16th and 17th singles, both being part of a Summer Single Concept, with the first single, "E.G. summer RIDER", with the E.G. POP concept being released on July 20 and the second single, "Pink Champagne", being released on August 10 with the E.G. COOL concept.

On September 27, the group announced that they would be releasing their 18th single "Go! Go! Let's Go!" on November 30.

On October 28, it was announced on Dream's website that Erie would be graduating from both Dream and E-girls and also retire from the entertainment industry at the end of 2016. In the message written by her, she revealed to be thankful for all the 14 years she was a member of Dream and E-girls, and who followed her among all those years. With the current members of Dream celebrating their 15th anniversary next year (on July 7), she wanted to start her life from zero. She expressed desire on study abroad, which was her dream from a long time ago. Dream would continue their activities as a trio with the remaining members Shizuka, Aya and Ami once she officially graduates.[31]

On December 31, Erie graduated from the group and Dream and retired from entertainment industry.

2017: Reformulation of the group

On January 18, the group released their fourth studio album E.G. CRAZY.

On June 5, LDH JAPAN announced a new reformulated E-girls. E-girls, who was initially the main project who united the groups Dream, Happiness and Flower, became now part of the units inside a new project called E.G.family. With the announcement, it was also announced that the group would be doing a 2-day live concert titled E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~. The live concerts would be last as a 19-member lineup, as with the reformulation, E-girls would now promote with 11 members. With the reformulation, after the Saitama concerts, Shizuka, Aya, Ami, MIYUU, Kawamoto Ruri, Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami and Nakajima Mio left E-girls. Shizuka and Ami would continue with their solo projects as member of DANCE EARTH PARTY and as a soloist respectively, Aya retired from singing and performing and would work as a chief creative manager, MIYUU and Kawamoto Ruri would focus as members of Happiness and Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami and Nakajima Mio would focus as members of Flower (and ShuuKaRen for Shuuka).

On July 26, they released their 19th single "Love ☆ Queen", first as a 11-member group.

In October, it was announced that Sato Harumi was defined as the new leader of the group.

On December 6, the group released their 20th single "Kitakaze to Taiyou".

On December 28, the group released the E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~ concert in DVD/Blu-ray.


On January 31, the group released their 21st single "Aishiteru to Itte Yokatta".

The group released their 22nd single "Pain, pain" on February 28.

On May 23, the group released their fifth album E.G. 11. It is the first album since the group's reformulation.

On June 2, the group started the E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~, that went from June 2 to August 5. It was the first tour since the group's reformulation.

On August 8, the group released their 5th digital single "My Way".

On October 3, the group released their 6th digital single "Perfect World".

On December 19, the group released their 7th digital single "EG-ENERGY". The song was used to promote LDH martial arts' ENERGY PROJECT, alongside GENERATIONS.


On January 16, the group released a footage of the E-girls LIVE TOUR 2018 ~E.G. 11~ concerts in Saitama Super Arena as DVD and Blu-ray as the group's second video release.

The group participated of E.G.family's first tour E.G.POWER 2019 ~POWER to the DOME~ that went through from February 22 to May 25.

On July 24, the group released their 23rd single "Cinderella Fit".

On November 8, it was announced that the group would release their 24th single on January 29, 2020. Prior to the release, the group would pre-release songs from the single digitally for 3 consecutive months starting on November 22 with the song "Easy come, Easy go".[32]

On December 22, at "Bessekai"'s release event, it was announced that E-girls will be disbanding at the end of 2020. The announcement was initially made by a video that was aired at the start of the event, showing the history of the group and the members' future after the group's disbandment. It was later revealed by Sato Harumi that the group went through several discussions of the members' future and the group's future during spring of this year, and while they shared their next goals and dreams for the future, they sometimes didn't felt the same way and even disagreed in some moments, but after several talks, they came to this decision to do their best on each of their roads. At the video announcement, it was revealed that after the disbandment, Bando Nozomi, Sato Harumi, Ishii Anna and Yamaguchi Nonoka will be focusing on their acting and modeling careers, SAYAKA, Kaede, Fujii Karen, YURINO and Suda Anna will be devoting full time to Happiness, who got a partnership with the American company 88rising with intentions of expanding the group worldwide, Washio Reina will be making solo debut as a singer, and Takebe Yuzuna will join a new unit formed with successful candidates of the world audition held by the DJ and LDH EUROPE's CEO Afrojack.[1][33][34][35][36]

On December 27, the group released a winter version of "Cinderella Fit" as the second digital pre-release song from their 24th single.

2020: Disbandment

On January 29, the group released their 24th single "Bessekai".

From February 1 to 22, the group held their fifth and last tour E-girls PERFECT LIVE 2011▶2020.

On June 15, with the announcement of LDH's new entertainment platform CL, EXILE HIRO revealed that the members and staff are currently in discussion about the group's disbandment as the members expressed of wanting to meet the fans for at least one last time. Depending of the circumstances, the disbandment can get delayed to 2021.[37]

On July 5, the group released the song "So many stars" digitally. The song was first performed at the E-girls PERFECT LIVE 2011▶2020. In the same day, the group held their first online concert as part of the launch week of the LIVE×ONLINE.

On September 25, the group held their second online concert as part of the LIVE×ONLINE IMAGINATION alongside Happiness and Sudannayuzuyully.

On November 28, the group held a special paid online show titled E-girls Special LIVE&TALK Show, where they held a special talk session which was hosted by Nippon TV's announcers Mori Keisuke and Taki Natsuki and performed their songs.[38] On the same day, it was announced that the group will be disbanding on December 31 as originally scheduled.[39]

On December 28, the group released their second best album E-girls, which is also their last release.[40] On the same day, the group held their last live concert via LIVE×ONLINE.

On December 31, the group officially disbanded.[2] At midnight, their Twitter and Instagram account were deleted.


On April 21, a footage of their last concert, LIVE×ONLINE BEYOND THE BORDER, was released in DVD and Blu-ray as their last video release.


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Concerts Featured In



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