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Fujii Karen

Fujii Karen (藤井夏恋) is a Japanese vocalist, performer, actress, model, designer and business woman. She is member of Happiness, and a former member of E-girls and ShuuKaRen.

Besides her activities in the entertainment industry, she is the founder and creative director of the apparel brand NEROLI.


Early Life

Fujii Karen was born on July 16, 1996 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. She is the younger sister of Fujii Shuuka and Johnnys' WEST member Fujii Ryusei.

She got scouted in her homeplace, Osaka, and entered the entertainment industry. While belonging to the office in which she got scouted, she participated in EXILE's dance competition and started to attend the famous academy EXPG, studying both dancing and singing.


In October, it was decided that she would become a member of the unit Happiness among other EXPG students, and her official stage name became KAREN.


In February, she began her modeling career by becoming an exclusive model to the magazine nicola.


On February 9, she made major debut with Happiness with their single "Kiss Me".

On April 24, she was announced as member of E-girls, having a concurrent position between the group and Happiness.


In May, her work as an exclusive model of nicola ended.[1]

On June 3, she changed her stage name and started using her birth name.

On July 22, it was announced that Fujii would start working as an exclusive model of the magazine JJ starting from the September issue.[2]


In January, she made her debut as actress on the TV drama Koibumi Biyori.


On August 11, she was announced to debut in the unit ShuuKaRen alongside Fujii Shuuka. The duo debuted on October 5.


In February, she was the cover of the April issue of JJ, being her first magazine cover since her debut as a model.[3]

On December 31, Shuuka graduated from Flower and ShuuKaRen and retired from entertainment business. With Karen being the only remaining member of the duo, ShuuKaRen has disbanded.


On July 16, she released her first photobook KAREN.


In mid 2020, she became the brand director of Karen's Closet.[4]

On December 31, she left E-girls with the group's disbandment.


On March 29, Fujii announced that she had obtained the official qualification to be a fashion designer.[4] She had started studying fashion when the first state of emergency was declared.[5]

On May 13, she announced her own frashion brand named NEROLI and became its director. Besides being a brand, it would also serve as a long-term project.[6][7][8] The brand officially launched with the release of its first collection on July 16, Fujii's 25th birthday.

In October, she played her first leading role in ABEMA's digital drama Kaisha wa Gakkou Janeen da yo Shinsedai Gyakushuu Hen.[9]

In mid December, she became the image model and producer for her own line of colored contact lenses under the brand Angel Eyes.


In April, Fujii was included in the actor section of LDH's website.







Fujii Karen - KAREN cover.jpg

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  • Hobbies: Singing, doing her nails
  • Talent: Dancing
  • Favorite Food: Fruit, plums, octopus
  • Favorite Brands: 24karats, INGNI, ANAP
  • Goal: To be an artist who can sing and dance
  • She started a personal Instagram account on November 24, 2017.
  • She started a personal Twitter account on May 12, 2021.
  • According to herself, she is not good at sports except for dancing. Furthermore, she is afraid of balls and dislikes ball games.[14]
  • She doesn't talk about work with her brother and sister often.[15]
  • Her fashion motto is to wear black but keep a feminine touch.[16]
  • Listens to a variety of music genres. She particularly enjoys J-Pop from the 90s and Jazz.[5]


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