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Ichiki Kyoka

Ichiki Kyoka (市來杏香) is a Japanese singer and performer. She is a former performer and vocalist of the groups Flower and E-girls.

On October 7, 2015, she graduated from both groups and retired from entertainment industry. On January 25, 2019, she resumed activities as a solo artist.


Early Life

Ichiki Kyoka was born on January 4, 1997 in Fukuoka, Japan.

Ichiki started practicing dance at the age of 3. She started attending classes in EXPG on her hometown, Fukuoka, from junior high school.[1]


On July 26, during an E-Girls SHOW event in SHIBUYA-AX, it was revealed that Ichiki was one of the winners of the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 and was added to FLOWER as a vocalist.[2] On that same day, she was also added as a member of E-girls, having a concurrent position between the group and FLOWER.

On October 12, she made debut with FLOWER with the single "Still".


On October 7, she announced to have graduated from Flower and E-girls to follow her own path.[3][4] She retired from entertainment industry afterwards.


On January 25, Ichiki resumed activities as a solo artist and made solo debut with the digital single "Toki".


On April 27, she released her second digital single "Colorful Sekai".


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Digital Singles

  1. [2019.01.25] Toki
  2. [2020.04.27] Colorful Sekai


  • Favorite Artist: Amuro Namie
  • Favorite Movie: Liar Game
  • Favorite Food: Fruit, Oboro tofu
  • Favorite Flower: Lilies, Hydrangeas
  • Hobbies: Handicraft
  • Although she was originally added to Flower as a vocalist, she was focused on being a performer. Prior to that, she was vocally featured on the song "Fadeless Love", b-side of Flower's debut single "Still". On August 2013, she was featured on Flower's 5th single "Taiyou to Himawari" as a vocalist, being her first single as a vocalist. After that, she was vocally featured on all their releases until "Blue Sky Blue", her last single with the group before she graduated.
  • Attended the same classes in school with actresses Nakajo Ayami and Enosawa Manami.


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