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Love was a Japanese Pop duo formed by LDH and signed to Sony Music Associated Records.

The duo consisted of the two vocalists from the project group REAL FORCE and disbanded at the end of 2012. Their songs have been popular on digital platforms.




At around the end of 2006, Misaki Matsumoto from PARADISE GO!! GO!! started to have side activities as one of the two vocalists in a new performance group created by LDH named REAL FORCE. The second vocalist of the group was Stephanie. Both of them had been active in performing arts since elementary school and in the entertainment industry for over 10 years.[1]

After some time, HIRO decided to focus on the two vocalists because he liked the chemistry they had together and the way their two voices blended in the harmonies they sung. Inspired by the EXILE song titled Love, Dream & Happiness and with the idea of creating groups that would represent those three concepts, Misaki and Stephanie were chosen to form the vocal duo named "Love". As a result, REAL FORCE disbanded.

The duo's first activity together was releasing a cover of Zone's "secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~" as a ringtone in 2008 (as well as releasing the full version in a special CD attached to the August issue of Gekkan EXILE magazine).


As the first group of the "Love, Dream & Happiness" project, Love debuted on August 26, 2009, with the single "First Love ~Love Letter~" which won the power play of 14 FM stations nationwide. Their 2nd single, "Second Love ~Tada Hitotsu no Negai Sae~" released on November 25, reached the #1 spot on the Chaku-Uta Weekly Chart with over 500.000 downloads. Afterwards, several of their songs started to get used as theme songs for TV dramas.[1]

On April 4, 2010, the duo released their first studio album titled Taisetsu na Kimochi, which peaked at number #12 on the Oricon album charts. After that, they went on their first national tour Love Live Tour 2010 "Love Letter" to nine locations across the country. Love released 3 singles in the same year: "Watashi Aumono" on March 10, "Kataomoi" on September 8 and ""Aishiteru" no One Word" on October 27. The success of the duo was reinforced by winning the Newcomer of the Year Award at the 43rd Japan Cable Awards.[1]


After releasing their 6th single "Someday Again ~Mata Au Hi Made~" and their 2nd album Tsunagaru Kimochi in mid 2011, the group went on their second tour Love Live Tour 2011 ~Tsunagaru Kimochi~ in August of the same year.

Despite their apparent success, Love was faced with troubles behind the scenes. Shortly after her debut, MISAKI injured her vocal cords, which is fatal for a vocalist. She was unable to control her voice and give a satisfying performance.[1] In the spring of 2012, after nearly a year of hiatus, MISAKI's vocal cord injury seemed close to a full recovery and Love started to promote again.[1] The duo released their 7th single "100 Nengo no Kimi ni" on April 25 and the digital single "Time goes by ~Sayonara wa Iwanaide~" on November 21, which would turn out to be their last release.

On December 28, 2012, the duo announced that their activities would be completed at the end of the year.[2]

On December 31, 2012, Love ultimately disbanded after their contract with the record label Sony Music expired.



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TV Shows

  • [2011] Shuukan EXILE (TBS)
  • [2011.06-2012.03] Love ON! TV (MUSIC ON! TV)


  • [2009.04-2011.09] LOVE ARRIVE (FM FUJI)


  • The songs that Love performed always revolved around different type of relationships and the feelings that come from those relationships (from lovers, friendship, family relations).
  • EXILE ATSUSHI has written some of their songs.


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