"Movin' on" is the debut single of dream, released on January 1, 2000. First press edition came with one of four trading cards (one of each member and a group version).

The title track was used in dream's CM for the McDonald's "Bacon Double Cheeseburger", and as an opening theme to the TV show Sukiyaki!! London Boots Daisakusen.


  • CD Only (AVCD-30073, ¥1,080)


  1. Movin' on (Keep on Mix)
  2. Movin' on (Original Mix)
  3. access to love (Original Mix)
  4. Movin' on (Dub's Not Illegal Mix)
  5. Movin' on (D-Z CRYSTAL OXYGEN Mix)
  6. access to love (Y&Co. TASTE Mix)
  7. Movin' on (Instrumental)
  8. access to love (Instrumental)

Featured Members

Song Information

Ebine Yuko
Kuwabara Hideaki
Other Information
Arrangement: Kikuchi Keisuke

Music Video Information



The single reached #15 on the weekly Oricon charts, charted for seven weeks, and sold 100,910 copies.

Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly singles chart 15


The song can be found on the following releases:

The music video can be found on the following releases:


  • The song was later re-recorded by the 7-member group and included on 777 ~Best of dreams~ album as track #1.

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