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Nakajima Mio

Nakajima Mio (中島美央) is a former Japanese performer. She was a member of the groups Flower and E-girls.

She left E-girls on July 16, 2017 to focus on being a Flower member. She left Flower with the group's disbandment on September 30, 2019 and retired from entertainment industry on December 31 of the same year.


Early Life

Nakajima Mio was born on November 23, 1993 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.


On April 1, Nakajima joined the initial line-up of FLOWER, alongside Mizuno Erina, Fujii Shuuka and Shigetome Manami.


On April 24, she was announced as member of E-girls, having a concurrent position between the group and FLOWER.

On October 12, she made her debut with FLOWER.


On June 5, with the reformulation of the E-girls project as E.G.family, she announced to be leaving E-girls after the E-girls LIVE 2017 ~E.G.EVOLUTION~ concerts in July to dedicate herself to Flower.

On July 16, she graduated from E-girls.


On September 20, it was announced that Nakajima is engaged to FC Machida Zelvia football player Togashi Cayman and expecting their first child to be born in 2020. Nakajima then announced her decision to retire from entertainment industry in order to start a new life within the year.[1][2]

Announcement by Nakajima Mio
From Nakajima Mio to all the fans

To all the people who support E.G.family and Flower.

I am pleased to announce that I have entered into a marriage with my long-time boyfriend, Cayman Togashi, a soccer player from FC Machida Zelvia.

At the same time, I am also expecting a baby, who is finally in a stable phase and is expected to be born next year.

Since I started thinking about my own future as well as Flower's, I have been thinking daily about what my unique brilliance as a woman should be, and I have made the decision to leave the (entertainment) world at the end of this year and move on to a new path.

And although we, Flower, have been changing in many ways so far, each of us decided to take this opportunity to move on to our own path.

I apologize for surprising you all with this sudden announcement of so many things.

Flower started with four performers in 2010, and debuted with nine members after welcoming three vocalists and two performers from the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~. Since then, each member has lived out their life as Flower while changing the form of the group.

In the nine years since Flower was formed in 2010, I have had many wonderful experiences that I could not have imagined when I was 16 years old.

At the same time, Flower has grown little by little, transforming various emotions into expressions, and as a part of that, I have received various stimuli and hints to live by.

I am strongly aware that many of them are made possible by the passion and kindness of the staff of the office and record company who have always supported me, including HIRO, all the people who are involved in the creation of songs and works and live performances, and above all, everyone who loves and supports Flower.

Your presence has always been my number one driving force at all times. Thank you very much.

Flower has been discussing, hesitating, clashing, and acknowledging each other at various junctures.

As if to represent this, Reina, the vocalist, expressed the real feelings of Flower in the song "F" in a straightforward manner.

I felt as if her words were my own words, and as I continued to listen to her voice, my vague feelings gradually began to take on a clearer outline.

In the midst of all this, a small life in my belly gave me a great deal of courage.

When I talked to the members about it, everyone expressed their feelings in their own way and pushed me forward. It was also the moment when I realized once again that I was really happy to be a Flower member.

The group Flower may have seemed unstable from the perspective of those around us, but I am proud to say that each member has a strong will and it is the one and only group that can properly demonstrate their individuality.

Because of Flower, because of my friends, I was able to become something I could never have been on my own! I can't find any other words to express my gratitude for the time I was able to live as part of Flower.

Ma(nami), Reina, Harumi and Non(oka), thank you so much!!!

The rest of the members, Shigetome Manami, Washio Reina, Sato Harumi, and Bando Nozomi, will start a new path in their own way. I hope you will support us with your passion and kindness as you have in the past.

Flower has always been and will always be everything to Nakajima Mio.

Thank you very much for your support.

Flower Nakajima Mio

On December 31, she retired from entertainment industry.[3]


On January 28, Nakajima welcomed her first child, a daughter.[4]

On May 20, she opened a personal YouTube channel about health and beauty.[5]




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Oldest Member of Flower
October 2013 – September 2019

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