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Yokoi Rui (横井琉衣), better known under her stage name RUI (ルイ), is a Japanese singer and member and leader of the girl group iScream.

For her solo career she uses the stage name Rui (琉衣).

Early Life

Yokoi Rui was born on November 4, 2003, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

She started learning dance at the age of 4 and aspired to become a backup dancer.[1]

Later, Yokoi attended singing and dancing lessons at EXPG Nagoya.[2] As she was training, she began admiring female entertainers and developed the dream of becoming an artist: "I started to admire older women who sang and danced, and when I saw E-girls and Amuro Namie perform live, I wanted to be like them and shine like them. That's when my dream of becoming an artist was born." As a result, she started to learn singing in earnest when she was in the third grade of elementary school.[1]


From 2013 to 2017, she was active as a support dancer for acts such as KARA, E-girls, and EXILE.

In December 2017, she was revealed as a member of EXPG Lab's project group KIZZY.[3][4]

In 2018, she participated in the LDH Presents THE GIRLS AUDITION and was chosen as a winner out of 10,000 contestants alongside Hirakawa Yuzuki.[2] Shortly after, she officially became part of E.G.Family.

In 2019, she made her debut as a soloist under the stage name "RUI" by providing the theme song titled "Lilac" for CINEMA FIGHTERS PROJECT's short film "Majo ni Kogarete" starring Sato Taiki.[5]

On February 1, 2020, at the first concert of E-girls' final tour E-girls PERFECT LIVE 2011▶2020, she was introduced as 1 of 3 vocalists of LDH's new girl group "iScream".[6] Later that year, she was in charge of the insert songs "Ichirin no Hana" and "Kare Yuku Koe" for the movie Shosetsu no Kamisama starring Sato Taiki.[7]

On April 3, 2021, her fourth digital single titled "Day dream ~Hakuchumu~", which served as the theme song of the movie Kudake Chiru Tokoro o Miseteageru starring Ishii Anna, was released.[8]

On May 21, 2022, it was announced that RUI would participate in a new project based overseas together with Happiness members Kaede, SAYAKA, MIYUU and Kawamoto Ruri, while staying as a member of her original group at the same time.[9] The unit had been teased before during the CL program Happiness×iScream "Joshi-kai" on May 18.


Digital Singles

  1. [2019.11.13] Lilac (ライラック)
  2. [2020.09.25] Ichirin no Hana (一輪の花)
  3. [2020.09.25] Kare Yuku Koe (枯れゆく声)
  4. [2021.04.03] Day dream ~Hakuchumu~ (Day dream 〜白昼夢〜)



Music video appearances


  • [2015] Biri Girl (ビリギャル) (Extra)
  • [2015] KUHANA! (クハナ!)


Concerts/Tours featured in as a support dancer


  • Hobby: Animation
  • Special skill: Playing the guitar[1]
  • LDH artist who influenced/inspired her the most: Rei
  • Before the group's debut, she described that the goal of iScream would be to have a solo live at Nippon Budokan and appear on national music programs such as NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen by 2023, when YUNA and her will be 20 years old.
  • Her personal goal and dream is to tour the world as well as Japan with the theme of shouting love to the whole world as well as evolve as a solo artist.[10]
  • First met YUNA in the first year of junior high school at a joint EXPG candidate camp.[11]
  • Talked to HINATA for the first time after the announcement of the results of the third round of LDH Presents THE GIRLS AUDITION. HINATA gave her a unique impression of a doll.[11]
  • Described as the older sister figure among the three vocalists of iScream because she sums up what the members want to say and what they want to convey in well-chosen words that are easy to understand and gentle. However, she also has a surprisingly spoiled side.[12] Furthermore, she is honest, voices her true opinion and doesn't hide things.[13]
  • Aspired to be an artist ever since she was a little girl.[14]
  • Admires Namie Amuro. "The reason why I wanted to be an artist was when I went to see her live and saw her shining in a sparkling dress."[15]
  • Has hay fever.[16]
  • Loves dogs.[16]
  • An indoor-person.[17]
  • Likes playing video games, especially shooting games.[17]
  • Good at Hip-Hop dance.[1]