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SWEET REVENGE is an upcoming international dance and vocal girl group from LDH produced by DJ Afrojack and based in Los Angeles, USA.






In the summer of 2018, LDH EUROPE held the LDH EUROPE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITIONS ~THE GLOBAL STAR SEARCH~ in 8 cities across 5 countries (London, Amsterdram, Rotterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei) to search for young, unsigned vocalists and rappers with the final round taking place in Tokyo in August of the same year.[1][2]


In the late summer of 2019, the winners of the LDH EUROPE auditon participated in a training camp of LDH in Tokyo. Additionally, Takebe Yuzuna travelled to Amsterdam for training sessions with the winners.

On December 22, it was officially announced that Takebe would join a new unit formed with the successful candidates of the LDH EUROPE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITIONS ~THE GLOBAL STAR SEARCH~ after E-girls' disbandment at the end of 2020.[3]


On December 28, 2020, during E-girls' last live concert, it was announced that the name of LDH's first international girl group would be "SWEET REVENGE" and that the debut line-up would be composed of YUZUNA, ASAMI, LARISSA, AGNES and ESMEE.[4]


On February 18, it was revealed that Jonathan Yip, Grammy-award winning producer and member of the famous American production team "The Stereotypes", would be the music supervisor of the group. Additionally, all members would be scheduled to move to Los Angeles, USA, in June of the same year.[5]

In autumn 2021, it seemed as if YUZUNA had left the group and returned to Japan as her name was not included in SNS accounts of the group. She officially left LDH on December 31 of the same year.[6]





  • The logo of the group was designed by Japanese illustrator Sorayama Hajime, famous for his superrealistic portrayals of feminine robots.
  • There were several more winners of the LDH EUROPE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITIONS (The Global Star Search), such as dutch contestant Anouk Cicak for example, however only ASAMI, LARISSA, AGNES and ESMEE made it to the final line-up of SWEET REVENGE.
  • "SWEET REVENGE" was also the name of the robot representing E-girls during EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR 2014.


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