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Shionoya Sayaka

Shionoya Sayaka (塩ノ谷 早耶香), currently known by the stage name sayan, is a Japanese singer under MIGAKU Entertainment.

In 2011, she became one of the finalists on the vocal category of the EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~ but got defeated by the vocalists of the group Flower. After that, she started attending EXPG in Fukuoka. Some time later, in 2012, she won the Dream Vocalist loved by ViVi award at the KING RECORDS Presents Dream Vocal Audition.

She made her major debut single with the song "Dear Heaven" in January 2013.

On May 18, 2017, Shionoya decided to retire from the entertainment industry as she expressed desire to start a new life and left LDH.

In 2018, she resumed activities as an independent singer under the stage name sayan.


Studio Albums
  1. [2014.12.10] Luna
  2. [2017.01.25] Mist-ic
  1. [2015.10.28] S with

  1. [2013.01.23] Dear Heaven
  2. [2013.05.15] Katakoi / Smile again
  3. [2013.08.21] Ocean Blue
  4. [2013.11.06] Snow Flakes Love / Ichirinka
  5. [2014.06.04] Like a flower
  6. [2016.06.22] SMILEY DAYS
  7. [2016.12.07] Mahou
Digital Singles
  1. [2012.10.24] ONE
  2. [2020.02.19] Konoha
  3. [2020.03.18] Kimi Monogatari


  1. [2016.07.31-2016.08.05] Shionoya Sayaka LIVE 2016 ~always with you~



  • [2013.01-2015.03] Shionoya Sayaka no "Kiite Kudasari Arigatou Gozaimasu RADIO"
  • [2013.07-2013.12] FM OSAKA E∞tracks Selection "Shionoya Sayaka no Salty cafe"
  • [2016.09-2017.05] YAMAMAN presents MUSIC SALAD FROM U-kari STUDIO


  • She used to call the Flower vocalists as her "rivals" and she wanted to "work harder with each other".
  • She got paired with Washio Reina on EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~ auditions.
  • Her inspiration as singer is Ito Yuna.
  • Sometime in 2017, she gave birth to her first child, a girl.[1] In 2020, she gave birth to her second child, a boy,[2] and she is currently focusing on her music career while raising her family.


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